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Lisha Sebastian is a 20 year old singer-songwriter currently pursuing her undergraduate degree, majoring in contemporary music at the University of Colorado Denver, USA. 


Lisha has been writing songs for years to express herself with music in ways that words never could. She finds poignant release through her songs, building a repertoire that many from her generation may find extremely relatable. 

Sworn to Secrecy is her first full-length album – a remarkable feat, considering her age. Starting with just acoustic guitar and voice, each song has been built up layer by layer, always with the goal of finding the right mix of sounds and textures to support lyrics of surprising depth and maturity. More than a collection of songs, Sworn to Secrecy is a young woman’s journey through darkness and light, through strangeness and complexity. With the unflinching support of her family and friends, it is a statement of hope and musical purpose. 

26 October 2022

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